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Purpose of Empower MSME is to enable millions of India's MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) to quickly learn/absorb the Best Manufacturing/Management Practices of, source of India's Most Successful Companies.

Over 20-30-40 years, these companies have developed/evolved some of the best Practices/procedures/Documents in a variety of FUNCTIONAL AREAS.

In each of these FUNCTIONAL AREAS, these Companies have created a huge Database of KNOW-HOWs.

These successful companies believe it is their Corporate Responsibility to share their KNOW-HOWs with 40+ Million MSME of India and there by, empower them. They have uploaded their KNOW-HOWs on this portal.

If yours is a MSME (A Small Factory/Shop/Retail Outlet/Freelancer working from Home/Start up/Self Employed etc.) feel free to Register and Download any of these KNOW-HOWs absolutely FREE.