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  • What is the purpose of the website?
    Purpose is to empower 40+ million MSME of India, by enabling them to improve Their own manufacturing/selling/Management processes.
  • How will this happen?
    By allowing MSME to download(free) from this website, documents which large/successful Indian companies use in their own organizations.
  • What is required to download these documents? Is there a "price/fee" to be paid?
    There is no "price/fee".
    If you are registered as MSME on this site, you can download any number of documents, absolutely FREE, at any time. Your only obligation is to "Rate" that document for its "usefulness"(to your organization), before downloading.
  • Organization can perform both activities i.e. Contribute/Share the Document and Download the Document?
    Sure! To do both, an Organization will need to register as Contributor.
    But , if Organization have registered as MSME, then they can only Download (not upload) the Documents.
  • If, initially I have "Registered as MSME", can I later change to "Register as Contributor"?
    No Problem ! As soon as you login at page: "REGISTER AS CONTRIBUTOR", you will find some portions of that registration form, duly filled in with information submitted by you earlier.Now fill in the rest of the fields and SUBMIT ! You become a contributor.
  • Will I get to see the name of the Company/Organization, which has uploaded a particular document?
    Of Course, you will.
    To know more please feel free to explore our "Contributor" section.
  • Can I download more than one document?
    Yes please! No restriction of any kind.
    You can download any number of documents, absolutely FREE, at any time.
  • Why am I unable to "Copy/Paste"?
    For security purpose Copy/Paste functionality is disabled.
    Also we want you to "Rate" each document before downloading. We want to know, how much is that document useful to your organization.
  • I am interested in a particular type of document. Can I get an alert, every time same "Contributor" uploads such a document?
    Yes, While registering just activate "Email alert".
  • Can I communicate with Contributor?
    On "Download" pages just click on "Email to Contributor”, to send your queries/ request for help.
    You can also join different Empower Groups to interact with other (MSME’s and Contributors as well) members.